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What we do

How we do it

Crane Interactive is a web and app development company based in Cranbrook, Kent. We take pride in our work and strive to provide the best possible service to our clients. Following the initial contact we offer a free, friendly consultation to introduce our business and enable us to fully understand your requirements.

Once we understand what you need we will put together a proposal that will serve as an agreement of the work that is to be completed. Throughout the stages of design and development of your project we will provide regular updates. As we progress we will provide access to iterative development versions.

Our range of services enable you to carve out your presence on the internet. We have worked with our clients to develop business websites, web apps, mobile apps, and tools to improve business processes and integrate systems. We provide web hosting to ensure your site is fast and reliable.

If we can be of service please get in touch.

Platforms and frameworks

Crane Interactive has experience in many software platforms and frameworks. We are capable of picking up any web development project no matter the programming language or platform that has been used. We support several bespoke websites and applications for our clients. When working with new projects we have a preferred set of tools that we select from depending on the exact nature of the software that is to be developed. We constantly review the platforms we use to ensure we provide the best possible base on which to build your ideas.

If you are interested in the technicalities we frequently blog about our experiences and provide tutorials and expert knowledge to help others with their projects.


Content management system

WordPress is a widely used content management system platform that provides access to edit text, images and other media on your website. We can design, develop, maintain and support all aspects of the WordPress platform.

We have experience in fixing and protecting hacked WordPress sites and would be happy to assist in recovering your website from this unfortunate scenario.


PHP framework

We specialise in developing the back end API that runs on the server with the Laravel framework. Laravel is famed for helping produce elegant applications at speed. This framework provides a secure, well designed environment to process the data for your project.


JavaScript framework

Ember is a framework that shines on the front end application that appears in your web browser. It helps us build speedy and ambitious applications.

Bolt CMS

Content management system

Bolt CMS is designed to be a developer friendly content management system that provides easy and powerful content editing. We use Bolt for smaller sites as it provides the flexibility to grow with your business.


Mobile app development

Flutter is a revolutionary mobile app framework developed by Google. It allows us to develop high-quality mobile applications in record time.

We would love to work with you to build your idea.