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Knack Database Developers

Card drawers representing a database

Knack is a powerful web based database that enables online databases to be built easily. It provides a graphical user interface to build online database applications to support business processes.

Their system provides simple tools to structure, connect and extend your creations. As well as providing an easy to use builder, Knack also provides advanced tools to enable databases to connect to external systems.

You can use Knack’s user-friendly builder to build a complex database with multiple tables and related data. Should you wish to add additional fields in the future you can simple log in and add a new column. In order to manipulate the data you can add forms, search boxes, maps, calendars to name a few.

Knack System Integration

The Knack database provides an application programming interface (API) that allows data stored within their system to be manipulated automatically. By providing this functionality, the Knack team have enabled users to create workflows across systems. This enables some of the following:

  • Exporting data in specific formats
  • Exchanging data with other systems
  • Generate complex reports
  • Enable automation of processes
  • Sending emails when data meets specified conditions
  • Manage workflows across multiple software systems and devices
  • Adding additional functionality

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Knack Database Development by Crane Interactive

We have assisted clients in developing Knack apps that provide a user-friendly interface to manage complex workflows. If we can be of assistance in your project please contact us.